Read about our humble beginnings

Brea Computer got its start back in 1979

We started in Los Angeles, CA as a professional photography studio.


Evolve or Die.

See how we lived that out during the course of our existence.

Our Video/Photography History

Starting in 1979

Images of Paul Fine Photography

Our company was known as: 

Images of Paul — Fine Photography

During this period, 110 and 126 cameras were all the rage and the only equipment people could afford to own. These cameras, however, suffered from very poor photo quality due to their inferior lenses. Getting a good photo required a significant investment in an SLR camera body and lens. Most people wanted good photos for special events in their lives. 

Our Studio Years

Cannon AE-1 SLR Camera

At a time when polishing lenses to exacting standards could drive lenses prices upwards of $600, our company determined there was a need in the market that could be met: the need to deliver high quality photos of events at an affordable price. This required a significant investment into high-tech camera equipment. For you camera buffs, we fell into the Canon camp. We started shooting events, then studio/glamor photography and finally commercial photography.

Business Boomed

Photography Studio

As business boomed, our company experienced significant pleasure in helping people r​ealize their desire for quality photography. Of course, as the Japanese refined the lens polishing industry, they were able to drive down prices and make good cameras within reach to all who wanted one. Our company model had to adapt to the changes in the market or die.

Enter 1986

Images Past Exceptional Video and Photography

Images of Paul — Fine Photography now had to evolve into...
Images Past — Exceptional Video and Photography...

 Seeing that there was no longer a market for high end SLR photography, our company once again looked to the future to see what technology was out there that would be in demand, but just out of reach to most consumers.  

Our Video Years

Panasonic Super VHS Video Camera

Video photography was all the rage and everyone wanted live video of their events shot via hand held VHS type video cameras. Once again, this technology was beyond most peoples budgets, so we stepped up to the plate once again making a significant investment into video cameras and VHS tape duplicating equipment.

Video Duplication

Quasar VH5163 Video Duplication Stack

Shooting masters and having the means to create as many VHS copies of your special event as required, once again put our services in demand. Sporting events, graduations, reunions, weddings and party’s kept us very busy for some time. But alas, as technology and time marched on, this type of equipment also became within reach of the average consumer forcing us to once again make the choice to evolve or die.

The Evolution of MICRO Technologies

The year is now 1988

MICRO Technologies Business Card

In 1988, Images Past — Exceptional Video and Photography now had to evolve into… MICRO Technologies.

Our company had been making use of computer technology since the first computers arrived on the scene (late 1970’s and early 1980’s) with the likes of the Commodore 64, the Tandy Corporations TRS-80, Atari 2600 and of course IBM’s 4.77 MHz, 8086 & 8088 CPU based PC. Once again looking to the future, we saw Bill Gates make the statement, when Microsoft was just a few people, “a computer on every desk and in every home”. That vision at the time seemed entirely unrealistic and absurd.

The Desktop Computer Age

The IBM 5150 Desktop Computer

But experiencing first hand how we had to evolve to the rapid pace technology was improving peoples life’s; it only seemed natural that computers were the wave of the future. We knew their benefits and we wanted you to experience what the future of technology had to offer you. This is when the decision was made that we could live in this space (computers and technology) for a very long time. There did not seem to be any end to how technology could improve people’s lives. And as technology became more and more complex, it became evident that most people wanted the benefits that this new technology could offer them without the required investment in time to learn how to maximize its potential.

Our First Retail Store


In January of 1992, MICRO Technologies opened it's very first retail store front in Brea, CA. Quickly outgrowing our first space within a year, we moved to a larger space right on Imperial Highway on the west side of town. Since that time, we have continued to operate calling Brea, CA our home.

MICRO Technologies has enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with corporate America offering services over the course of our evolution from consulting to manufacturing (branded systems) to store front retail sales

Partnering with OEM's

MICRO Technologies OEM Partnerships

Working with manufactures to develop better products to helping Microsoft get control over the rampant piracy of their OS software to helping companies get to the business of business through the use of technology, MICRO Technologies has been there from the beginning.

Building the 1st LAN's

MICRO Technology builds some of the first LAN's and WAN's

Building out some of the first local area networks (LAN’s) for corporate America then, building out the first data closets to then designing and building out some of the first data centers and ultimately architecting the first enterprise wide data centers (WAN’s), MICRO Technologies has been there. MICRO Technologies architected and built the data centers for the world’s largest internet company at the time, surpassing even Google and Amazon in scope, size and customer base.

Teaching the World...

Your store on the Internet? MICRO Technologies shows the world how it's done!

We taught the world that you don't need a brick and mortar store front to sell product. That you could have a store that existed solely on the internet was unheard of at the time and scoffed at by many. We showed them all and changed the entire world and how it engages in commerce with its customers base.

MICRO Technologies has been sought out by fortune 100 and 500 companies from around the world to bring to their table the expertise and professionalism we have to offer.


The Transition to Brea Computer Repair

Enter Year 2018 ● Brea Computer Repair, Emerges.

The World Wide Web has changed everything! All prior forms of traditional advertising and known roads to customer acquisition are now obsolete. Yellow Pages, News Paper Advertising, Penny Saver, Flyers, Mailers and the like, are all painfully stagnating in a graveyard of the past.

Google and its search engines return 85% of all queries to potential customers on the web. They are in fact the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Best to play nice if you want to be ranked up in search results. Unfortunately, MICRO Technologies website came to the internet late in the game.

MICRO Technologies and its team of network engineers spent all of the internet boom years building data centers for corporate America. From 1993 through 2008, our team was knocking out datacenters for the world’s largest internet companies. Some were bigger than Google and Amazon at the time. Our team could knock out as many as three per year or take three years to build a world class datacenter.

When things finally slowed down enough to get back to tending to the matters of MICRO Technologies, all possible combinations of my company’s domain names were taken.

The idea of a double --  dash in a domain name came to me. ICANN did not like it, but in the end, saw no reason, not to permit me. So, MICRO Technologies domain became 

For 10 years everything was fine until I started noticing that I was no longer being returned in any Google search results. Upon further investigation, it became apparent that I was being ranked down because of the double dash in my domain name. Google had weighed in on the double dash debate and they do not like it.

Evolve or die. So after 30 years, it’s time to change our name. Brea Computer Repair is now going to focus on serving a more localized customer base.

Today Brea Computer Repair looks to align itself with the city that it’s called home for over 30 years. Serving a more boutique minded customer who wants to support their local merchants.

As we enter this new chapter, partner with us by supporting locally owned and operated businesses where you live. We too have embraced this new way of doing business in every aspect of our consumer consumption and we couldn’t be happier with the results.